1. Please fill out this form.

Once you finish filling out the form, there's no need to wait--you can starf folding right away. You will be shortly added to our Google Group, where you'll receive updates and important announcements.

  1. Download and install Folding@Home.

Click the "Start folding now" button and the site will automatically find the correct installer based on your OS.

  1. Set up your folding identity to log your points.

When F@H is successfully installed, it will open up a browser tab that allows you to control protein folding:

4. Under "Change Identity", join our team at 251691.

Click the "Get a Passkey" link under the pop-up that appears:

5. Enter the username you'd like and your email.

Folding@Home will send you the passkey via email. If you don't receive it, try checking the Spam/Trash folders. The passkey will allow you to obtain bonus points and join our team.

6. Enter your username, copy over your passkey, join our team number of 251691, and hit Save.

You can stop folding anytime in the web control at client.foldingathome.org or in the FAHcontrol application.

Additional guides and answers are in the FAQ.

Quick tips:

  • There are multiple ways of controlling folding. If you have F@H installed, then you can control basic folding by going to client.foldingathome.org in your browser. However, if you want finer control, use the FAHControl application to manage things like folding slots.

  • You can configure many things in FAHControl, like whether you want to enable CPU/GPU folding, the folding power, and you can even make it pause folding on laptops when unplugged.